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Hi Marg1e,

Unfortunately, the postal rates for international DOUBLED during the last postal price increase a few months ago. All of the full interchangeable sets weigh about 16 ounces when packed up and cost about $20 USD to ship to Australia. It used to be $10. The Comby sampler which weights about 6 ounces now costs $15 to ship to Australia, up from $7. It's crazy. Such a steep increase is ridiculous and has a lot of sellers fuming. We have looked into alternatives such as DHL and Fedex, but their prices are even more obscene.

So those are the facts. I wish we could offer a cheaper shipping option for our international members.



Originally Posted by Marg1e View Post
Is postage to us Downunder as prohibitive as I suspect it is, please, Sheldon? - 'cause if it ain't, I'd ask you to nominate for me your best complete set of interchangeables ...
It's just not possible to find anyone in Sydney who doesn't have an axe to grind or an agenda to push in this regard.
OTY, then.

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