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Sweaty hands while knitting?
So, I was working on knitting my scarf just now (since I knit at a snail's pace, I am making myself get it done by the fall), and I've noticed that my hands were getting fairly sweaty. Its probably due to the weather being very hot. Its been in the low 90's here all week, and despite the A.C. being on, its still felt in the house (granted its time to get a new unit as our current one is well over 15 years old and showing its age, but alas, money is tight). I even have the ceiling fan turned on.

I just want my work to not be saturated in sweat!! Its kind of gross. Thankfully, the scarf is not going to be gifted to anyone (unless you include gifting to yourself), but still, I want it to be dry and smelling nice. I suppose I could throw the scarf into the wash (its only acrylic yarn) when I am done with it.

I hate this hot weather!!
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