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Personally, I found the Tara Manning book so insulting to men that I didn't buy it. (I borrowed a library copy to read it first, and I was soooo glad I had done so!)

The book that my husband has given his 100% Seal of Male Approval to is Knits Men Want: The 10 Rules Every Woman [well, there's *one* assumption ] Should Know Before Knitting for a Man (Plus the Only 10 Patterns She'll Ever Need), by Bruce Weinstein, LYS owner, knitting teacher, and cookbook author in/near New York City. He knits for a man, too, so he knows whereof he speaks.

Some idea of the "Rules," so I don't give the whole show away:

"Rule 1: Men Can't Fake It." If he doesn't like the sweater/item, he won't wear it to make you happy; he can't fake liking it.

"Rule 2: Men Resist Change. If he's over 15, he's probably got his style locked in--and he likes it.... So if he knows what he likes, get used to it."

"Rule 5: Not All Men Are Worthy of Cashmere." Weinstein backs this one up with a shocking true story told to him by a distressed customer whose husband...well, this is a family forum, so I won't detail what happened. The take-home lesson is: Don't give Fancy Fibers to men who think everything can be thrown into the laundry basket.

The patterns in Knits Men Want are

--Ski Sweater
--Basic Pullover and Vest (with variations)
--Basic Cardigan, two ways
--Raglan-Sleeved Henley
--Hooded (or not) Sweatshirt
--Baseball Jersey
--Fingerless Mitts
--Thick and Warm Socks
--Reversible Cable Scarf
--Watch Cap ("When in doubt, make something basic")

Hope this helps.
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