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Thank you, DavidSydney63.

I showed DH the Tara Manning book. He liked the photos, but thought the text (along the lines of "Men just cannot select their own clothes; you [the woman] will have to do it for him) was pretty insulting, too, as I did, and several garments were, quote, "foofy." Whereas he found several items in the Weinstein book that he'd like me to make for him.

Sizes available in Knits Men Want are wide-ranging and well thought out:

1) The upper-body items, e.g., sweaters, vests, baseball jersey, are designed for men with a chest measurement from 40" (Small) to 60" (3X Lg).

2) The fingerless mitts are designed for hand circumferences from 8" (Small) to 10" (2X Lg).

3) The socks (recommended for worsted-weight merino yarn) are designed from men's shoe size 9 (foot circumference = 9") to men's shoe size 14+ (foot circumference = 11"). Recommended sock leg lengths are also given, based on the man's height, from 5'8" to 6'2".

4) The cable scarf is given in two lengths: 7" wide x 56" (90") long.

5) The watch cap is given in three sizes: 18 (21, 24)" circumference.

So some of the patterns are useful for teenagers who've decided what they like, even if they haven't reached their full adult size yet. And all of the patterns will cover a wide range of the male population. The models in the book are younger looking (maybe in their 20s, possibly 30s) except for one who appears to be in his 40s. The younger guys may be Smalls and Mediums; the 40-ish guy may be a Large, based on the shoulder shot on page 42.

Nice to know that the publisher used "real men" and not just, say, anorexic jockeys or NFL linebackers. It would be difficult to see how the knit items fit actual guys in our lives that way! This way, it's easy to project "your" guy into the garment.

Probably at your local library for free! If you like it, then get yourself a personal copy.


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