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Well, David: if thinking about it does your head in, just imagine what happens to the bonce when you're actually knitting one! I've lost count of the number of times I stopped knitting, turned the thing over and over in my hands and asked myself "What the ...?!".

What becomes gradually obvious as you knit away is that you're creating from the middle and knitting outwards - just that fact is enough to stymie even a practical person from Kogarah, let alone an old fart from Pyrmont!

But of course all that makes it so interesting to knit, a mbius scarf or cowl or whatever you want to call it.

Salmonmac, I wish I could take credit for the colours; but all I can lay claim to is the ability to choose between those in the scrap basket, resulting in there being some that I didn't use! :-)

GG, I trust you're going to forge ahead with one of these?
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