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Ah, Artlady - your temporary setback (like the tact?!) was due to the fact that one really cannot learn about knitting one of these things unless one has some VISION.

The scarf in the pic. I posted was made from this online pattern, which comes with video for the CO part. As I lectured The Grumpy One, there are several methods for moebius CO, and I tried the bloody lot coming to the decision that Christine Jones' version is the one for me.

I have to confess that I subsequently turned to her by email more than once for help. More than twice. Well, OK about ten times! But she was amazingly helpful and willing to be so, which meant I was able to (eventually!) produce the finished object as you saw in the photo.

I currently have an email sent off to Donna Pelzar - the creator of the moebius I'm now knitting (using some of the de-knitted Enormous Project!) - asking her about length of circ. cable. When she replies, I'll have a fairly complete list of contributory points input to making a moebius that I'll see if I can turn into dot points for everyone's ... ahh ... consideration.
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