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Originally Posted by claireweber View Post
I've actually never knitted socks before.

GG is right, though, any yarn will do. I just love how colorful this is. I may just need to start collecting sock yarn

The sweater I'm working on is so complex, except for a few very short sections, the cable is worked every other row, and I'd really like to finish it before I move on to something else, especially after reading about ArtLady's misadventures.
I love sock yarn! I want to use it for lots of things. It would make a cool pullover but with the tiny needles it will take me forever and a day to make one. I've done socks with finger, sport, and worsted weight yarns. They're all cool for socks. Sock yarn would be really good for gloves, headbands, and lots of other things and if working with thin yarn doesn't scare you, you can use it for just about anything. Finding a pattern for just about anything could be hard but I'm sure there should be hat and glove patterns written for it. The more I knit with thinner yarns the more my worsted weight projects look like they'd be better in a thinner yarn. I have some swatches I did with crochet thread. I've not come up with what I want to knit from crochet thread yet, but I will. Oh, now that I think about it, maybe a headband would be good. Thanks, Claire. It's funny how things come together when I'm responding to a post here.
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