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Originally Posted by Antares View Post
The only thing I've made from sock yarn is a shawl. Go figure! I never did follow directions very well or stay on the beaten path all that much. The yarn worked wonderfully in the shawl, though. In fact, I often wish I was still knitting it, so perhaps it's time to make another one!
Yeah, you need to make another one! What pattern did you use then, what will you use this time?

One problem I have with using fingering yarn for other projects is finding solid colors that I can actually afford to buy enough of. Most sock yarns are self striping and I tend to avoid horizontal stripes. I've seen space dyed yarn that would be cool for socks but I will only do superwash socks, hand washing is out! and it's all hand wash or the price is too high. I keep looking and will come across some one day. I want the space dyed yarn for Skew Socks.
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