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Originally Posted by Artchic528 View Post
Yes, I sure do live in Charlotte!! ^_^

Are you going to be at the event?
I wish, sigh.....we are in the process of painting, repairing, decluttering our home in preparation for putting it on the market. I think the only way I could take the time out right now would be if we were to have a spectacularly successful week of progress on this project.

Although I do have a huge amount of yarn, (ahem, a five foot wide closet is packed close to six feet high with bins full) I could always add more. My mother-in-law volunteers at a thrift store and all the yarn that comes in goes to her to sort, some very nice and she in turn has donated a lot to my cause

I would love to come down and attend an event with you. Once the house is finished my time will free up.

How is your scarf coming along?
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