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Originally Posted by Marina1109 View Post
Great idea!!

I take public transportation all the time.
I take my knitting just to keep me busy and so I won't get bored.
But now I have a new reason to knit in public, thanks for the idea!
The Fine Art of Knitting and Self Defense?

I had to go through a scanner before going into an office waiting area and couldn't take my pocket knife that I had in my purse in with me, it had to go back to the car. They let my knitting needles go in with me and I sat and knitted. Frankly, if I'd wanted to hurt someone the needles would have been more damaging than a knife that I had to get out of my purse, assuming I could find it, and then open. I'd forgotten about the knife being in my purse, told the dude at the door I didn't know what else might be considered a weapon and had him just go through my purse. Gramma packin' a knife gave a couple people a laugh, especially since I'd forgotten I had it. It had also slipped my mind I was carrying a fair bit of cash that day and I'm really glad nobody thought they should help themselves.
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