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I'm Christina. I'm 23, and I decided to teach myself to knit this summer. I ended up picking up the English method when I started because it was more comfortable to work with as a left-handed individual--or at least I thought so--but it's kind of made learning weird, because all the guides I have present as continental so everything's backward. I'm really enjoying it so far, and one of the things I want to learn to do the most is make knit dolls. I think it'd be really fun to make super detailed little knit dolls of TV, movie, and video game characters.

Right now I'm working on a really basic garter stitch scarf. When I finish it, I'm gonna do one in all purl--which I guess would still technically be a garter stitch--and then one with notched edges to practice increasing and decreasing--you know, so I can learn the basic movements really well before starting a big project. I also want to learn to loom knit and crochet someday.
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