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This is a beautiful first FO! Great color and nicely knitted.

Did you use RH SuperSaver yarn? I've used a lot of that. All those colors that are available right now really get me when I need a cheap yarn fix. LOL RH With Love is softer than SuperSaver, a little more expensive but still qualifies as cheap yarn and is available in the WalMarts around here. Vanna's Choice will have similar colors and still be fairly cheap but softer. You might also look at the cotton yarns in WalMart. I used the Peaches and Cream yarn that comes on cones to make an afghan (crocheted ripple) and even a couple of knitted sweaters. My DD and GD wear them and they just get softer with wear and are great for camping and stuff. They even like the way the colors fade. My GD wore hers to school and her friends asked where she got it so they could go get one. Just because you're looking to use inexpensive (isn't that better than cheap?) yarn doesn't mean you can't do some cool stuff. Have fun!
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