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I did it, I caved and bought the purple yarn. It was just too pretty.

@salmonmac: Oh, hey, I can see it! I'd have never noticed that. Cool!

@grumpygranny: Yes, it was SuperSaver! I guess the word cheap does sound bad, haha. It's really not terrible yarn, but I think I'm a little bias after going on a touching spree down the walmart aisle. I want to make something out of the baby yarn, it's sooooo soft. Also, eyelash yarn looks so fun. Oh my gosh, and the homespun, I just want to use all the yarn. All of it!

@jinknit: A garter stitch scarf seems like a common first project. After all five feet I can sort of close my eyes and knit--although pretty slowly, haha. I sort of picked this yarn at random; after getting the wild hair to learn to knit, I went and got a little knit, and just sort of grabbed the first yarn that caught my eye. The colors are even prettier in person, the photo sort of washed them out. They're really vibrant.

Thanks everyone for saying such nice things! It's such a morale booster. I'll be sure to post a photo tomorrow after I add the fringe.
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