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@artchic: I don't really knit much at home either. I hate to admit it, but I'm always getting distracted by internet or video games. My summer job is proctoring the pharmacology classes for the nursing department of the college I attend, though, and it basically amounts to me sitting at a desk for four and a half hours doing absolutely nothing while the students learn from the instructor via video feed. I do most of my knitting there just to pass the bloody time! If it weren't for that I think I'd still be about a foot in, haha.

I saw yours last night when I first signed up, but I didn't have the courage to comment until today. It really is a nice start, and I'm excited to see the finished piece when it comes around. Garter stitch scarves, unite!

@everyone: I put the fringe on one end last night, and I'll probably do the other end today. I'm excited to be just about done with it. I'll be sure to snap a photo before I give it to it's intended!
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