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Finishing baby booties safely
Question here! I have been knitting baby booties lately, as there are 4 pregnant ladies at work. The cutest ones (booties, not PLs) are all embellished with buttons, bows, etc.

Maybe I am paranoid, but having worked in the emergency room I've seen some terrible things happen, and I was always scrupulously careful with my son Tom when he was a little guy. No strings on jackets, toilet seat locks, covered all the sharp edges, no window blind cords,no hard candies, cut his grapes and hot dogs into wee bitty pieces, you get the picture.

So I am not sure I like the idea of sewing a button on anything for a baby, even though it is cute and often finishes the piece off nicely.

What do you guys think? Should I just make a bobble and a loop closure or a short bow to tie? Am I being too paranoid?
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