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Yuckola to frogging! And those "mindlessly simple" patterns are the ones that often clobber you--especially, as you point out, when you're not paying attention for the briefest nano second! I have a shrug that I've knitted, frogged, and reknitted a million times. The pattern is simple--a four row repeat and then move the pattern over a certain number of stitches and do it again. But where is that shrug now? Oh just in my knitting basket waiting for me to redo the sleeves because one turned out longer than the other! ARRRGGGHHH!!! HISS!!! GROWL!!! WHINE!!!

By the way, feel free to send us all that rain (and cooler weather, too). It's bone dry here in Texas, and let's not even mention how hot it is (a blasting furnace comes to mind).
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