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Originally Posted by IslandTime View Post
Oh good grief, I wasn't even thinking of trying to convert a flat pattern to in the round! This is quite enough as is, lol - relieved to hear seed st isn't different, but it totally escapes me as to why gs is alternating k and p rows!

Thanks so much for your help
When you knit
"in the round" you are really knitting in a "spiral." It looks as if the right side is facing you all the time, and it is, I guess, except if you look at it from a different vantage point, like, say, if you were lying under the work looking up at it from below. Then it becomes apparent that the stitches are circling around and have two sides.

I didn't get it until I remembered how I used to look at molecules in organic chemistry, from the bottom, because the molecule changes if there's an attachment on the right versus the left. They used to have us build models, LOL!

When I first started knitting in the round, the thing that bothered me the most was trying to actually join the yarn. If I didn't pull it tight, there would be a big gap, or it came undone. It just takes a little practice.
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