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Originally Posted by Dclutterchique View Post
You should have 31 stitches at the end of row 2 not 25. There are 4 increases and 2 decreases between each pattern repeat, which is done 3 time across the row.

Looking at the pattern Row 4 reads *K1, ssk, k5, k2tog*, repeat, end k1.

So there are no increases and 2 decreases in each pattern repeat. This gives a reduction of 6 stitches across the row bringing the stitch count back to 25.
Maybe this accounts for why the pattern stitch has a wavy appearance...the two (RS/WS) 31 stitch rows, followed by the two (RS/WS) 25 stitch rows.


I knit the Branching Out scarf a few years ago...and it also had rows where the stitch counts fluctuated...but the NICE THING is that the pattern tells you how many stitches you'll have at
the end of each row. Otherwise, we'd all go crazy trying to fathom the varying stitch counts!
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