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Well this little pattern has bugged me so much...I had to noodle with the numbers.
(I'm going to knit this little scarf as gifts this Fall. Too many WIPS and irons in the fire right
now. Must stay focused on WIPS at hand! I've learned my lesson!)

When you cast is where you will place your stitch markers...and mind you...this is NOT using the original 25 stitch cast on. Later, she recommends casting on an extra K1 at each end of the row to fill it out more. She thinks it balances the end 'column' with the columns in the middle. I think the original looks just fine...but I do prefer an edge stitch at the very ends of my I'll cast on the 27 st.

K1 // 8 // 8 // 8 // 1 // K1 = 27st

The // marks are where you put a stitch marker.

After Row 1...the next row presenting itself will look like this:

K1 // 10 // 10 // 10 // 1 // K1 = 33 st

On Row 1, there were 4 yo's and 2 dec between each stitch marker...totaling 6 increases all together.

On Row 4, 2 decreases occur between each stitch marker...totaling 6 decreases all together.

If you are still going to cast on the 25...just ignore the K1 I've typed at each end. It all comes out right.

And thanks so much to DClutterchique for spotting this variant stitch counts for us! Yay!
I can't say I would have caught this from get-go. I'd be in for a little frog-fest.
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