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Ho yes! - new drawers! <grin> Baggy ones and all.
I got the set for AUD49.50, would you believe? - and now I see it's being sold for $39.20 Sighh ... Dunno what to learn from that: can't sit around indefinitely hoping for stuff to drop in price, can yer?
Claire, your husband is a doll! - mine once did me a graph to knit the word "opera" in a beautiful font into the back of a cardy I was working on. Husbands are great! :-) That's why I wrote a book about mine: they tell me he'd love it: I can only hope they're right.
What notes?!
Antares, your language!! My hair has gone grey! ... oh, it was grey before, wasn't it? <grin>
I wish Angela would come back to tell me what a writer's cardigan is: you have no idea the mental images I'm conjuring up ...
The moving finger writes
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