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Originally Posted by ArtLady1981 View Post
Maybe this accounts for why the pattern stitch has a wavy appearance...the two (RS/WS) 31 stitch rows, followed by the two (RS/WS) 25 stitch rows.


I knit the Branching Out scarf a few years ago...and it also had rows where the stitch counts fluctuated...but the NICE THING is that the pattern tells you how many stitches you'll have at
the end of each row. Otherwise, we'd all go crazy trying to fathom the varying stitch counts!
Yes, I agree it is nice to know how many sitiches there will be on the rows where the sitich count changes.

Originally Posted by ArtLady1981 View Post
And thanks so much for spotting this variant stitch counts for us! Yay!
I can't say I would have caught this from get-go. I'd be in for a little frog-fest.
I only saw it because one of the first things I do when I see a question about a pattern (row) with increases and decreases in it is do a quick tally up to make sure they balace out. As Row 2 was seriously out, I thought "typo" and decided to look at the orginal pattern (thanks Salmonmac for the link) to see if mk190 had mis-typed it, or if there was an error in the orginal pattern. Turns out it was neither. Once I saw that Row 4 was completely differnt to Row 2 and had no increases I recalulated to see if the sitich count came out right in the end. I have heard of patterns where the sitich count changes from row to row, but stays the same over the whole pattern, and they do tend to be lace ones.

mk190, I hope you can now carry on knitting you scarf, with thanks to the team, and know you weren't going mad (being driven mad but not going mad)!
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