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Originally Posted by ad2knit View Post
I'm going to have to rest it. I don't think its the knitting this time that is causing the hand/finger pain, because as I've said, I have not touched the needles much at all this week (not because of the pain but because I've had a few days where I can't be bothered with anything) Urgh. And I really wanted to finish this stupid blanket before starting on my new project.

I'm so sorry that you are going through this. What does your doctor say? There are a few things that I do to deal with physical pain, if you are considering using herbs, you need to do research to find out if they pose any contraindications with any medications you may be using. I use Serrapeptase and Turmeric to deal with inflammation and occasionally White Willow Bark for acute pain. I have also used an athletic tape, referred to as "Kinesiology" tape. Arnica cream is also good to use for injuries.
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