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I was thinking of purchasing a set of stainless cookware, have never had a set before. My DH is trying to talk me out of it, says we already have most of what we need, UGH! It's my $

And so of course I am now confused We plan to sell our home and move back to the folks home, apartment on the back of the house, so part of the argument is that we are trying to pare down. The apartment is a landing spot until we figure out what's next; my DH will be working to expand the his folk's small family blueberry farm operations.

We have a lot of cast iron, I don't believe I can part with any of it, some of the pieces belonged to my now deceased grandmother-in-law and are shiny from what I imagine to be decades of use.

I was looking at, they have their own label, plus there is a Cuisinart label that I am looking at. My thought was to perhaps sell or donate the old cookware and have a set that would serve our needs, as well as displaying nicely on our hanging pot rack when we put the house up for sale. Does anyone have a set of stainless cookware and could tell me what they like about it?
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