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I have a set of Kitchen Craft stainless steel cookware and it is fantastic! My folks had a set when I was growing up, so when it came time to get my own stuff, I was dismayed by how expensive it was. Luckily, a roommate of mine decided to spring for a set. Then she lost her job so I took over the payments on the set, so it became mine.

It's pretty amazing stuff, because you can stack it on burners and the heat goes through the core up through all the pots. It saves vitamins and minerals in the food because you don't have to add much water.

We also have cast iron skillets, and a dutch oven that we bake sourdough bread in. I figure that between the two kinds I am set for life! (Kitchen Craft has a lifetime guarantee). If the house ever catches on fire I will try to make it out w/ the Kitchen Craft!
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