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We went ahead and purchased the Wolfgang Puck set from Sam's Club. It was very inexpensive, someday when I'm even older we'll get a very nice set, but this will do. And at my DH's insistence, it's not coming out of my I did have to let go of one small saucepan, I liked it so much, but that was part of the deal. All the old cookware is going to the women's shelter, it's already been taken down off the pot rack, and although not washed yet, the new set is hanging. Clearing the clutter feels good.

The cast iron, I would be buried with it if possible, but I plan on returning to ash sooner than if I was buried, either scatter me over the ocean or plant a tree over me. What I do need for the cast iron, however, is a good way to display them. I have a grid wall rack but no proper hooks, the s hooks just don't do the trick, have to remove them, hook the pan to them and re hook them on the rack.

Emptying two drawers in the kitchen today, both are pretty much full of plastic storage containers and lids. We picked up a box of Rubbermaid containers - the lids are red DH wanted to keep the small square ones we use for freezing sauce and such, but the rest are going, from 2 drawers down to one dear husband made us some fresh watermelon juice mojitos Tasty and refreshing. So, GG, one of the things that prompted me to pick up a set of stainless, we had stainless pots, but the skillets were all cast iron. And my DH was using the cast iron skillet for cooking his bratwurst, in water And in the old Wagner Ware, you can't get those any more. I was very distressed about the seasoned finish, it had pretty much disappeared. My husband found a link on the internet explaining how to season stainless, so he'll be doing that to the new skillets, if it really works I'll be sure to pass the link along.

Hope everyone is having a good 4th of July weekend. Happy
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