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Originally Posted by claireweber View Post

My husband found a link on the internet explaining how to season stainless, so he'll be doing that to the new skillets, if it really works I'll be sure to pass the link along.

Hope everyone is having a good 4th of July weekend. Happy
Seasoning stainless is new to me, I think I might try it.

Originally Posted by claireweber View Post
Over my dead body! I can leave it to you in my will.
Careful who you say that to. You could encounter a homicidal maniac lusting after your cast iron. Not to worry, because 1) I don't know where you are, and 2) planning the whole thing would take too much brain power. Do I get a copy of your will?

Excuse me while I save and print this thread, will a bequest on a forum hold up in court?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend too!

ETA I forgot my manners, they were lost in the lust and greed. You are so sweet, Claire, thank you for including me in your will. Alas, I'm sure I'm much older than you and will never collect. Live long and prosper, as Spock said.
~ GG

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