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Trouble with DPNs
Does knitting with DPNs get any easier? I have used them with finishing hats and haven't had any trouble at all. Now I am knitting a simple baby bootie pattern that everyone raved about, "it's SOOO easy," and danged if I can get the hang of it.

Starting out with 3 (just 3!!) needles, and 10 stitches on each. After awhile, the stitches mysteriously migrate. Suddenly there are 9 stitches on a needle, and 12 on the next. There was only 1 marker to place for an increase, and once I was done and removed it, I suddenly turned the whole thing around, don't ask me how, and started knitting back the way I had just come. (I've done the same thing with magic loop, suddenly I am knitting on the wrong side).

Also trying to knit a kindle cover for my mom, and simple knit and purl stitches on DPNs manage to get snarled. If I have to change from knit to purl between needles it gets all messed up. Just call me the frog queen!
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