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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
Your DH is right. My burner doesn't sit level and unless I'd used a lot of oil (I used whatever vegetable oil is in my kitchen) which I didn't even think of until I saw the browning, I'll have to make do with brown spots.

Seasoning Stainless
As Seen On Youtube

* * * * *

I cooked my eggs and wiped the skillet out with a dry cloth. The only places I need to wash at all are where the eggs got sloshed above the seasoning line. The eggs really did not stick at all. It worked as advertised. I'm impressed...nay, amazed! From a dyed in the wool, die hard skeptic, that counts as high praise. YMMV

Sweet! When I figure out how to hang the cast iron I will photograph them and post them here.
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