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3 needle bind off with just one set of "live stitches" still on the needle
This summer I started a project to get rid of most of my left over wool. Usually this means that there is just a little from each color so I'm searching for "small things" to knit. I find that bracelets are very useful

There is thing which really stands out in the patterns I've seen - I haven't looked at knitting on a circular needle. So by using 'straight' needles I see that they often use the "3 needle bind off" to sew/knit the bracelets together so the knitwork becomes round. This seems such an elaborate thing to do, as the bracelets are usually just about 10 stitches wide so why go through the trouble of picking up stitches on the lower edge to use the 3-needle-bind-off-technique?!?
Or they mention the kitchiner stitch, but you'll need to pick up stitches too for that technique.

It really puzzles me. Isn't it way easier to just sew the sides together? When I sew, it looks the same as the picture I see here. I might see that the "3 needle bind off" is a bit faster when you have to put together a large number of stitches, but it seems such a hassle.

I know - where is the question in all this Basically, I'd like to know what your choice would be to sew together a piece that is about 10 stitches wide and has only live stitches on one side of the project.

I guess am just looking for a reason to follow the instructions instead of avoiding the whole thing and using a button or a string. For I have to say, I never tried the 3-needle-bind-off-technique so far. I really dred the picking up of the stitches and the way it is going to look - being more comfortable with sewing the seam.
It seems so easy...
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