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Working the Gusset
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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
I'd use a provisional cast on as salmonmac suggests and then use it for the 3 needle BO. If you know you're going to use that BO there is no point in picking up stitches later to do it, it won't be as nice a finish.

Please, Claire, do tell us what this technique is.

Since I haven't viewed many of the videos on this site it could be a technique that you all are familiar with.

It is like the three needle bind off only omitting the bind off part. I'm using it on my shawl for joining the knitted blocks together.

I knitted the bottom block of the back panel of my shawl and left it on a spare needle, finishing on a RS row. I then knitted a number of rows on the second block, ending on a RS row. Then with the wrong sides of both blocks facing up, and the first block on top, I joined both pieces, following the pattern for the second block, knitting one stitch from the first block together with one stitch from the second block.
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