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WIP - The Summertime Shawl
I so like the pattern of this shawl! I definitely want to make it. So I looked at my leftover yarn and I've got just the ball of wool for this. Or well, I don't know whether it is wool It is a leftover from a long long time ago... So I have no clue what penns to use.

I made some gauges, but I'm still not sure.

From small size to larger size:
S) Bottom right, pink thread
M) Top right, on penn
L) Middle left, with bow
I know... the differences are minor... They appear more alike in the picture than they are in reality though

The thickest penn I know to be a size 4 1/2. The others I have no clue as I cannot find the measuringcard I have for these situations. I think they're 4 and 3 1/2

I'm leaning towards the middle possibility. The large one is too sloppy, the smallest one is very tidy but I am not sure a whole shawl like that is quite my style...
It seems so easy...
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