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Need some help. =3
Can someone give a newbie knitter a bit of advice? I do fine on this dog hat pattern up until the ear holes. I cannot post urls in my first post apparently, so I will try to link the pattern in a subsequent post.

Ear holes:
K2, Cast off 10,Turn work cast on 11, slip last cast on stitch to right needle, slip next stitch on right need over new stitch. K2

Up until the last k2, everything goes goes great. However, I am left with 11 stitches on my left needle, and four stitches on my right needle. If I "K2" that still leaves me with 9 stitches stranded on my left needle. I tried knitting the entire row on both ears, but the ear holes ended up inverted from each other. I can tell that it will be very cute if I can just get it figured out!

Thank you in advance. =3
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