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Ok, I've done it. I followed the instructions of this video to the letter but I'm not happy with the outcome. I tried and retried but it always turns out like this and I am really not sure whether this is what it should look like.

Right Side

Wrong Side

I guess my first mistake was to not realize that this is a perfect way for stockinette-stitch, but maybe not so for joining two parts of a cable I get the idea that it looks a bit like I added a row in stockinette in the seam - if that is the case I do think I did it right for that is what is supposed to happen, isn't it? Or should this stitch just combine the both edges seamlessly?

Anyhow, this is what I did:

I picked up the stitches on the lower half of the bracelet (cast on edge):

I put these on a knitting needle, creating two edges with live stitches. The only part I'm unsure about though, is the fact that the threads of the yarn are in opposite directions...

I used the yarn of the upper edge to knit both stitches together.

Did I do it right and is this just the wrong project to try this technique on. Or am I making a huge mistake somewhere along the way?
It seems so easy...
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