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HELP! Knitting a colour on baby Jumper
Hi there,

You are all so wonderful that I'd thought I'd ask for some advice.

I am knitting (well attempting!) a ribbed baby jumper with a collar. I am onto the last part (YAY!).

I have been instructed to:
Join the shoulder seams. With right side facing, rib across the sts from right front stitch holder, knit up 2 sts. Rib across sts from back neck on stitch holder, knit up 2 sts. rib across stitches from left front stitch holder.

I am a little confused about the "Knit up" (I have never done this before) but have watched a few videos. When I join the shoulder seam, should I leave two stitches so I can knit into them to make two new stitches?

I rather new at this and any feedback would be much appreciated :-)

Thanks so much
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