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Can anyone make any sense of this pattern ?!
Hi everyone

This is a pattern for a beginner/intermediate level aran poncho. Most of it is fairly straightforward, it is the part highlighted in red that makes no sense to me....

Can anyone make it sound a little less like gobbledegook ?

Thanks x

To make:
Poncho Piece (make two)
Holding 2 strands of yarn tog, cast on 80 sts.
Row 1 (right side): [K1, p1] 5 times, [work Row1 of Panel Pat B, KB1, work Row 1 of Panel Pat A, KB1] twice, work Row 1 of Panel Pat B, [p1,k1] 5 times.
Row 2: [P1, k1] 5 times, [work Row 2 of Panel Pat B, PB1, work Row 2 of Panel Pat A, PB1] twice, work Row 2 of Panel Pat B, [k1, p1] 5 times.
Panel pats are now in position.

Cont in pat, working 9 complete Panel Pat A, thus ending with Row 16. Cast off in pat.

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