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Working the Gusset
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So we bought the Wolfgang Puck set
from Costco. My husband seasoned a couple of the skillets, you are not supposed to wash with soap to maintain the finish; I like the interiors to look clean, so I've since washed them. So far, what I like the most is the small saucepan, it is the perfect size for steaming vegetables for my DH and me, it and the two other pots have lids with strainers, plus the rims have pouring spouts I like having a set of what are most commonly used pots and pans, and my pot rack doesn't look cluttered anymore . And the set was very affordable.

The thing I don't like, is that after using them on the gas cooktop, even after using Bon-Ami on the bottoms, they didn't shine. I'm using Wright's Copper Cream now to clean the bottoms and it seems to do the trick.
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