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Pattern adaption trouble: Should I add short rows?

I am branching this off from my previous thread as the old title is no longer relevant (hope it's ok):

I am knitting this bottom up raglan top: - the pattern is written to be knit flat in four pieces and stitched together at the end, but I am knitting it in the round. I have knit the body and the sleeves, added the sleeves to the needles and am now about midway through the yoke, so far so good.

But this is where this whole knitting it in one piece gets a bit tricky. In between the next decrease rounds the directions say to work 10 rows in the front and back, but only 6 rows in the sleeves - like this:

97th row: P1, *Sl1, K1, psso, K2, P2, rep from * ending the last rep w P1 instead of P2 (80 sts)
98th row: K1, *P3, K2, rep from * ending the last rep w K1 instead of K2 [to be reversed]
Work 10 more rows in the same rib. When making the sleeves note that 6 rows only are worked here.
109th row: P1, *K1, K2tog, P2, *rep from * ending the last rep w P1 instead of P2.

So, how do I accomplish this when knitting in the round? My first thought was to use short rows across the front and back - if I do two rounds with w&ts on the front and the back of the body and four normal rounds it should come out to 10 rows on the body and 6 rows on the sleeves, but I don't know if it will turn out nice? Is there an alternative option?

And if I do the w&ts, should I group them or spread them evenly across the 10 rows?

Thank you so much for your help!
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