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Next was a bow. Not a big one, for I have seen some of those on my mother's old pictures and I really think they're for little girls - nothing I would actually wear. Preferably, a pattern that would use one of my existing hair ties for I really have a lot...

I tried my hand on a little, little bow. The manual was in German so that was a bit different, but luckely there are good dictionaries on knitting terms online And it is quite easy, that also helped

Basically, this is what I did:

So I knitted the two parts in stockinette and then sew them on the hair tie.

But I did sew them together a bit at first, to make sure the bow-shape is maintained. This isn't really necessary

From the back:

I'd like to show you a picture from the front, but I don't have one - I couldn't manage to make one while wearing it. All pictures I took myself just turned out blurry. So you'll have to take my word that it looks exactly like the one in the manual, only in this pink colour .

Next: another scrunchie. and yes, the crocheted ones are nice, but I'm more at ease with a knitting needle than a chrochet hook
It seems so easy...
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