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Originally Posted by DavidSydney63 View Post
Ok so I'm knitting a 'motif' to try a pattern out:

cast on 3 sts

1st row -yrn, P1, yon, K1, yrn, P1 ... 6 sts
2nd row- yrn, K1, P3, K2 ... 7 sts
3rd row- yrn, P2, K1, yfwd, K1, yfwd, K1, P2, ... 10 sts
4th row- yrn, K2, P5, K3 ... 11 sts

et cetera

I'm struggling with a couple of things: 1) how do I execute a yrn at the beginning of a row 2) what's the difference between yon and yrn?

For a YO at the beginning of the row, I put the yarn in the position opposite where it should be for the first stitch before working it. If the first st is a k, I move the yarn to the front, then k. If it's a p, I move the yarn to the back, then p the first stitch. Seems to work okay for me.

But I knit Portuguese, and it may work differently on other styles of knitting. YMMV.


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