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Need help binding off shoulders on back piece
Dear Ladies and Gents,

I am knitting a pullover for my little son and got stuck on binding off shoulders, this is my first pullover.

So far I have done all of the back piece and currently have 76 sts on my needle (piece is measuring 39cms from the beginning). Pattern has following description for binding off shoulders:

Shape shoulders: Bind off from LHS for right shoulder 7 sts x 2 times, 8 sts x 1 times, when piece measures 40 cm from beg shape left shoulder at RHS as before, AT THE SAME TIME, bind off center 12 sts for neck and working both sides at once, bind off from each neck edge 10 sts once.

I am very confused as to how many more rows I need to complete and what needs to be done in each row.

My thoughts are that I need to do:
- 4 rows where I need to bind off 7 sts at the start,
- 2 rows binding off 8 sts at the beginning.
- Then in the next row bind off 12 sts in the middle
- then bind off 10 sts on each shoulder

Somehow it doesn't seem right as it would add another 8 rows that would not fit into 1 cm allowed.

Thank you in advance.
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