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Geisha Beads - what to knit?
I found these beads two days agoo and have been browsing the web and some knitting books to figure out what to do with them. I just cannot figure it out

Any ideas?

They're about 2cm tall so hard to incooperate into the knitting. So I figured it should be something with a 'Japanese' feeling to it and then just hang them on there somewhere. But when I think 'Japan' I can only think of amigurimi or those beautiful kimonos. The first one are really cute but do not really benefit from adding big beads, the second are wodnerful fabrics but not something one could knit. I think... Can one knit Japanese kimono flower patterns on f.ex. a bag or clutch? Are there patterns like that out there? For I can not find them.

Or is there something else which jumps to mind which I haven't thought of yet? For to be honest, I have quite a few bags...

I think it could be really classy, and then the beads would make it a bit more 'fun'
It seems so easy...
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