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Well, this is how far I am now and I am almost out of yarn

I should have gone for the 2-repeats from the start, instead of 3. Oh well... I'll see what I can do with this length and if I really find myself never wearing it I can still unravel it and make a longer one with just 2 repeats of the pattern.
Or add a lighter colour and make a shawl in two colours. I've checked and a lighter beige goes really well with this I think that is what is going to happen eventually, but right now I just can not bring myself to unravel this and start over.

I have done my share on frogging on this project.
1) I dropped a stitch and had to go back 7 rows
2) I suddenly had one stitch more So I went back to find out that I had picked up again one of the stitches I had knitted together in the previous row
3) I sometimes did knit the first stitch while you just have to slip that one on the needle to create a nicer edge - when I figured that out I sometimes went back - not always
4) The row that is nearly all purls, except for the 2 border stitches went wrong too many times - I often forgot to switch from p to k for the last 2 stitches. This is what it looks like when you don't correct that:

Not too noticable from afar, but I know it is there
5) I managed to mistake the WS of the work for the RS when I started knitting again after dinner - I had done about 12 rows before I realised I was wrong

This was also the first project I actually took along with me. But when I put it in my bag I realised that my needles would probably ruin the bag with their sharp points. So I had to improvise - tissues and the sellotape they use on cardboard boxes is what I came up with. This is what it looked like:

It worked

My mother saw it, rolled her eyes and gave me this:

I still think my solution was quite OK I might be inventive with some lip balm 'hats', elastic and left-over-yarn (cause I don't think I can drill holes in the lip balm covers). I'm not sure how, but I think I can make something which is more 'showable' than the sellotape solution. Then I can give this one back
It seems so easy...
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