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salmonmac: Good thought about the ridge. I've done ruffles and attached them with the three needle method in the video and don't recall a ridge that should be annoying, but I don't have the ruffled bag to look at. It belongs to my GD now. In the video I found for attaching the ruffle, he uses the ruffles for socks so I think I would at least try it and see how it works out. If it looks to be too much of a ridge it could be frogged and worked another way before the rest of the sock is done. Also in the video he explains how to get the ruffle oriented correctly whether you're going from the top or from the toe, the front or back is facing the part it's being attached to for one way and away from it for the other way. I can't remember which was which, I think I might figure it out if I had the pieces in front of me but I'd rather check the video. My poor brain! The video I found for ruffles goes the stitch count needed for the rest of the work in one row by knitting one then binding off two all the way across. These live stitches would be held for attaching with that three needle method. I think this could work. I want to know what Crycket's experience is. I still like the idea of a modified picot hem and the double layer of stockinette at the top. I could insert an elastic if I felt it were needed to keep the sock comfortably in place. I'd also consider making the laces more decorative than functional and knitting the cuff in the round. But that's just me, however Crycket wants it done is what matters here. I hope we get to see the FO!!!!!! My GKs might get these for Xmas. I'd only have to mess with a ruffle on one pair, I don't think my GS would want a ruffle on his.
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