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WIP - leftover yarn - bracelets
Another thing I tried with my leftover yarn, was knitting bracelets. I figured this would be good for the real short leftovers

First: just braid - no knitting. I've worn 'bracelets' like this before, but I do realise that it is almost like walking around with just yarn wrapped around your wrist During f.ex. the Summer Olympics I had one braided bracelet in each colour of the Olympic Rings.

It was so long that it could go 3 times around my wrist. And then I had the problem I always have: how to tie a knot that doesn't losen all the time... Not sure, so I just put in a reef knot and wrapped it around a bit It hasn't completely loosened yet, but I did refasten it a couple of times.

I've worn it for 2 weeks straight but I wouldn't have done that if I had to dress up within that time.

Then I went googling to find some patterns. The ones I really liked and which are appropriate for the yarn thickness I was thinking of are these. However, I don't have those basic bracelets to put them around and to be honest I don't really like wearing them I do like the look of them though...

So I tried a (braided) cabled one but then whithout the inner plastic/wooden bracelet. And while the pattern said to just sew the edges together to create the round shape, I went for a button and buttonhole because
1) I can't really sew these cables together without getting annoyed by the seam I created
2) The bracelets fits tighter around the wrist this way, as it doesn't have to fit around the hand too.

And flat

I think I would wear this, just not right now as it is summer and it keeps one warm (like a wristband) Somehow I also think that the feeling of it is off when you wear this on a sunny day...

I then figured I could think up my own bracelet by using a different cable/lace pattern. I chose the Scottish Faggoting Stitch but it did not quite work out. It wasn't as "open" and neat as I hoped it would be and the edge of the bracelet curled. This looked OK sometimes (like a straight knitted edge) but not all the way around
And I tried my hand at the 3 needle bind off, but I think this was an unfortunate choice. The bracelet was way too loose anyway...

So I took it apart again

I tried some other things, but don't have time to post more right now. To be continued....
It seems so easy...
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