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plarn mat done
This one I crocheted rather than knitted....haven't done crochet in years due to sore thumb joint. Made all out of grocery bags, except for the blue, where I purchased a box of 20 larger garbage can-sized bags, nice and new.

This was crazy-fun to make! I left the laundry basket in pic to show size of mat.

This project began after I saw a young man sitting on the sidewalk in Kingston, ON (university town)....not doing anything but had a begging cup in front of him for people to drop cash into. I thought: how odd: he isn't playing a musical instrument, not reciting poetry....nada, and wants something for nothing.

but I went home, took pity on such a lad, and made this mat, intending to give it to him or anyone else unfortunate enuf to be sitting on the cold ground. Haven't seen him since.

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