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To alternate or not to alternate?!
Just following my pattern for the newborn cardigan I'm part way through making and it says 'K 3 rows without shaping. Continue increasing at neck edge as set by inc row (covered earlier in pattern) on next and following 3 alternate rows', which I've done but then it says 'then at neck edge of following 2 rows'. does this mean I keep doing the alternate rows for the 2 or are they 2 rows one after the other? I thought the latter so have done that and then carried on but later int he pattern when it checks in as to which side I should be working on, it says 'Right side' and I'm looking at the wrong side! Don't want to go any further if I've made a mistake but I'm confused as to why if it's still alternate rows the pattern didn't just say for five rows rather than three then two.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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