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Thanks for your reply Dclutterchique. Looking back on the pattern, when shaping the neck it said to knit 11 rows ending with a RS row. I understand this to be the right side facing me on the last row? (have only been knitting for a few weeks, so I'm a complete beginner I'm afraid!). Then it says Inc row (WS): K1, M1, k to end. which I've done. Then k 3 rows without shaping, so that would be a RS, WS, RS? Then cont increasing at neck edge as set by inc row on next and foll 3 alt rows, then at neck edge of foll 2 rows. So I think this is where I've gone wring perhaps? Because if I work back I've done the increase row on a WS after the three rows without shaping? And thereafter has been the incorrect side? Not sure I can get my head around this!
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