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Question about pattern for intricate lace
I've decided to tackle, on fingering yarn, a lace shawl. It's actually called "Marigold". The pattern just doesn't make sense:

Cast on 14 sts. Knit 1 row. Proceed:-

1st row: K3, WI.fwd, K2tog, K4. WI.fwd. K2tog. WI.fwd. K3
2nd row: WI.fwd, K2tog, K1. WI.fwd. K2tog. WI.fwd. K4. K2tog. WI.fwd. K4

Wi.fwd is explained:

Pass yarn forward as if for purling. Insert point of the right needle into the next 2 sts on the left needle and carrying the wool over and round the point of the right hand needle knit the 2 sts together. The wool is now at the back ready for a knit stitch.

My problem is that I don't have enough sts left to finish the first row ... I understand that WI.fwd does in fact knit two together and create another stitch simultaneously ... any ideas?
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