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Originally Posted by Zara31 View Post
"Inc 1 st each side every 6th row x 2times"

Does that mean to add 1 st at the beginning and 1 st at the end of 6th row and then 12th row? Just a little bit confused by terminology "each side".
Yes, that's correct. "Each side" (in this context) is the same as saying "each end" or "both ends" (of a row).

Well done on spotting that you do the increases at both end of the row, it's easy to miss that and only do increases at one end of a row.

Originally Posted by Zara31 View Post
And another question in regards to increasing sts. If I have a fancy pattern that I am working on (its pretty rhombuses), how do I work those extra sts into it? If I just knit them in between first and second stitches wouldn't that break the pattern design?
If the increases on row 6 and 12 are the only ones you can probably just knit them as they'll be hidden in any seams. If there are more increases, or hidding isn't an option, you may have to 'read' your knitting on that row and mentally work back from the established stitches to know how to work the increased stitches. Once you're on the next row they'll then become established as part of the patten.

Is Pretty Rhombuses the name of the pattern or your description of it?
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