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Originally Posted by DavidSydney63 View Post
Hi, please do not correct spelling or grammar. This is NOT a website devoted to grammar or syntax. It's a nice place devoted to all things yarn. For what it's worth I do have a fairly decent grasp of English and find people's need to poin out mistakes, amusing, irtitating and exasperating.
David, I appologise for any confusion or upset my earlier post caused.

Just to clarify a few things (and I do mean clarify, not make excuses for).

When I thanked GG for 'picking up' on your error, I meant 'noticed' rather than 'pointed out'. Maybe I should have worded my post better.

When I see a spelling or grammer error in a post I ask myself 3 questions:

1) Does it cause confusion?

2) Does it accidentally cause offence? (Deliberate offence is, by definition, not accidental)

3) Has the poster asked for any errors to be pointed out to them? (eg they may have posted a draft letter of complaint and ask other forumites for advise before sending off the final letter)

If the answer is No to all questions I let it pass and move on.

If the answer to any question is Yes, I try to let the poster know in a polite way. So for question 1) I may ask 'did you mean A or B?' to make it my confusion not theirs. For question 2) I'll point out the error (by sending a PM if necessary), but make it clear I don't take offence from them making an error. For question 3) I point out the error, and stick to the facts, avoiding throwing any accusations at the poster. If I can't do this for any of the questions I will let it pass.

Once again, I'm sorry for any confusion or upset I caused.
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